Monday, April 02, 2007

Laconia, New Hampshire, who are you?

You stop by and peek through my blog windows and see my dusty furniture and dirty dishes in my sink. You hear my washing machine running and my baby talking and sometimes fussing. You see me in my pajamas, on the couch, living vicariously through the blogs of much cooler, much better writers. Yes, that's the Young & the Restless I'm watching. I've crushed on Eric Braeden since I was in 4th grade. (ooh, Victor, you're so handsome and dashing in your evilness)

You stop by almost everyday.

Are you watching for me on Google Reader? Waiting to see what I've got to rattle on about? Some new something or other that I've got on my mind? What kind of boring mundane thing I've done? What kind of idiot I've made of myself?

Or the most adorable baby videos and pictures and kid pictures out there?

You check in on me, and then go your merry way.

Stop in for a cup of coffee. I've got some great, yummy, little flavor that I've been waiting to try that makes The Mighty Hunter (in his limited coffee wisdom) squinch his nose up like he's smelling Lucky's stinky diaper or just a big nasty fart.

I always have some oj in the fridge and can usually bake some chocolate chip cookies at the drop of a hat. No, they're not from scratch. They're even better. They're GOOEY.

You don't have to stay long. Just long enough to get on a first name basis.

I know you won't always have time to stop and chat or discuss my latest act of idiocy. That's ok. Visit when you can. Peek through the window when you can. We'll be cool like that.

Just don't be a stranger.

Auburn Gal Always

P.S. This might apply to a couple other blog stalkers. I'd like to get your name too. You know, so I can call the police and get my restraining orders.

P.P.S. Ok, no restraining orders. I'm just lonely and want the attention. Just say "hi" from time to time.

P.P.P.S. Pretty please with sugar on top and chocolate sprinkles. :-D


Jennifer said...

OMG! I know JUST what you mean. I am dying to know who in Honolulu visits me everyday. And why I keep finding myself on blogrolls of people who have NEVER ONCE commented?!?

And I'm shocked at the number of people in Canada who visit me 20 times a day!

Wendy said...

Your Laconia stakler is problably me! I am in New Hampshire but I am not sure where is would say my ISP is from:) I check your blog everyday but not always so great about commenting! I am not sure how I missed this post! Happened to see it in your side bar! HA! Sorry about that!