Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - in which there are words, because I can't shut up

Welcome to the Auburn Family Always, Jake!

This happened this morning. We all missed it. So this is a dramatic re-enactment. No animals were harmed in the production of this historically accurate documentary.
Yes, he's a big boy at 10.5 weeks.

15+ lbs. 23.5"

Size 2 diapers.


Rayne said...

That is wonderful. Once they get that rolling over thing down there's no stopping them.

kaliblue said...

How sweet:-). Precious picture up top also:-).
Happy WW
"War Eagles"!!!

Jennifer said...

He can already roll over?! Holy cow!

My son wasn't in size 2 diapers until like 6 months! He's such a little squirt!

Julee said...

Great job capturing the moment!

Donna said...

That boy is going to be a wrestler when he's grown!

Sharon said...

Very cute! I love the chunk.

Michelle said...

He rolled over! That is such a fun milestone!
Happy WW!

SouthernTransplant said...

Oh Wow! I almost missed this post and you didn't say a word...can't believe he rolled over! He's growing so fast. What a cutie!

Is Jake a new puppy? How does sport feel about that? : )

Hope you are having a better day!

I feel ready to pop!!