Sunday, April 08, 2007

Now THAT'S True Love

Stinkerbell gets carsick sometimes. Especially when I drive waaaay too fast down our very curvy, winding road in a mad rush to make it to the Easter egg hunt before too late. So, I'm responsible for yesterday's puke. Partly responsible. I blame some of her nausea on my own mother's genius idea of feeding Stinkerbell unlimited corn and bubble gum.


Stinkerbell has done this enough times to know to hold her hair back and to get in the proper stance to prevent it from getting on her clothes or shoes.

Now that I think about it, she has never vomited in our own yard. Sure, our toilets, our floors, our puke bowls, our hands. But this was the first yard vomit.

She rinses her little mouth out with the bottle of water I keep in the Pimped Out Mamamobile for just this reason. We wipe her little face. She's all better.

To make sure his little girl is ok, Sport, the Stinkingest Dog in the County, comes to her side, "You not gonna eat this? OOOOOH thankyou thankyou thankyou."

Yes, our stupid farm dog ate the puke.

I figured if I hadn't completely offended you yesterday with my Plan B for removing the Easter Bunny from our house, that I should go gross on you.

And just in case I did offend you yesterday with the Easter Bunny Plan B, then get your p@nties out of a knot. It was a joke.

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Jennifer said...

Dogs can be so gross. But, helpful, too!